Contractor Pre-Qualification:


Includes assessment of contractor WCB status, COR Status, Insurance Status, Review of contractors HSE Stats

Contractor HSE System review (hourly): includes complete evaluation of contractors HSE system against COR requirements to establish potential level of risk.

In addition to building and managing your digital, paperless safety management system, Solstice Safety is also available to provide a number of other services on a consultative basis.

Those services include:

Registry Systems Management:


Includes review and management of a companies safety registry system (ie ISNet or Complyworks)

Creation of site specific procedures:


Includes hazard / risk assessment review - PPE requirement review - step by step procedure review - formatting - uploading

Consultation (hourly plus travel costs):


May Include: major incident investigation - advising on emerging issues - advising on  regulatory infractions - participation in industry events or committees - training above and beyond HSE system training -

Competency Assessment: travel to location to assess individuals based on the competency program