A paperless, on-line health, safety, and environmental management system.

Virtual Control Centre

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•     To adress the criteria and individual elements of the COR Audit Protocols


•     To adress requirements given by various registries, such as ISNetworld and ComplyWorks


•     To provide a Paperless Health and Safety Management System


The Virtual Control Centre utilizes the SafetySync on-line Health and Safety management Platform, real time, mobile Digital forms, and a "Virtual Control Center" system management model.

•     To cut the expenses that a regular, paper system provides.

SafetySync is utilized to manage the application and administration of the various

components within our safety system. This includes:


    •     Policies, Codes of Practice and Procedures

    •     Customized Training Courses and Monthly digital safety meetings

    •     Profiles for Employees and subcontractors

    •     Training and certifications tracking

    •     Client and Corporate orientations

    •     Competencies by Position

    •     Subcontractor management.


    Safety Sync also serves as a records management database, storing such information as:


              •     Equipment, Vehicle and Facility Inspections

              •     Daily Hazard Assessments

              •     Near Misses, Hazard ID's, Stop-Work Interventions

              •     Incident Reports

              •     Deficiency Action Item Logs

              •     Forms (Online links and PDF's)

              •     Communications (such as Bulletins, Safety Alerts, Safety Surveys)



Formstack is the paperless system through which the Safeguard functions. It takes advantage of emerging digital and Mobile form technology and applies it to health and safety data collection and management.


The Solstice HSE form suite runs on mobile devices (such as Cell Phones and tablets) as well as every users Desktop Computer.

Why digital?...

There are numerous disadvantages to using a paper system. The cost of paper and printer ink, the hastle of storing and producing numerous forms, and replacing Safety Manuals every time one passage needs to be updated. Significat Man hours are required to manage, maintain and this system.


A digital format negates these issues.


    •     The cost of the digital service is significantly cheaper than that of

           all the paper used over the course of a year.


    •     Forms are produced and stored digitally, can be transferred

           instantly, and require very little physical space to manage.


    •     Users can bypass unimportant or inapplicable questions.


    •     Making changes to forms and Manuals requires minimal changes

           and can be shipped to all users instantly, as well as notifying the            

           users that changes have been made.

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